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Locally grown Northeastern botanicals, lovingly and knowledgeably harvested and/or organically grown and blended to "alleviate life's imbalances and irritations," Moody's Mountain Medica products promise relief from a variety of what-ails-you. Each product has testimonials to its effectiveness.

  • Bug Bite Balm--effective relief for itching from insect bites, allergies, and poison ivy. Burdock Leaf and Jewelweed.
  • Camomile Beauty Balm--softens and relaxes skin, relieves diaper rash, reduces puffiness around eyes, removes makeup. Aids sleep when rubbed on temples. German Chamomile.
  • Chickweed Salve--for relief of rheumatism, shingles, lipomas, and varicose veins. Chickweed.
  • Comfrey Comfort Ointment--relieves shaving burn and diaper rash, and can be beneficial for rheumatism, neuralgia, and chest congestion. Comfrey is also known as Knitbone.
  • Lavender Loves Rosemary Salve--renews and relaxes, eases tension, moisturizes. Subtly scented. Lavender and rosemary.
  • Pass the Plantain Please! Salve--antiseptic and demulcent, very good for easing skin irritations, including eczema and psoriasis. Plantain.
  • PB & B Salve--mentholated analgesic. Peppermint, birch bark, and balsam bark.
  • Red Clover Recovery Salve--relief for external sores and burns. Red clover blossoms.
  • Wild Rose is a Rose Balm--lip balm and sunburn relief. Wild rose blossoms.
  • There's the Rub! Facial Scrub--gently exfoliates skin. Almond meal, corn meal, chamomile, oil of lavender.
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