Voice Lesson (Poems)


Voice Lesson is an exceptional first collection of poems by Sharon Israel, a gifted poet, host of Planet Poet--Words in Space on WIOX Community Radio, and a Roxburian.

"Sharon Israel’s poems are full of song and detail, movement and color, the pleasures she brings to the page are many and varied.  We are as likely to find Israel’s speaker sighting owls in the Catskills, or helping in her dad’s butcher shop, as in the world of music implied by the title.  In Voice Lesson, Israel’s urge is alchemical, so that when she’s behind the counter, “scoop{ing} shiny brains into plastic bags” she is also arranging them “carefully like pale jewels.”  She’s after a kind of transformation, and urges us, “Always make room/for that singing thing/inside you.” - Daisy Fried, author of Women’s Poetry: Poems and Advice


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